:: Audio Solutions that fit your needs ::

At Potrero Post we know that projects come in all shapes and sizes, but budgets are one size fits all. Whether you're an advertising company trying to meet a deadline or a film production company on the verge of your first great epic, the financial realties of our times are harsh and un-avoidable. Shrinking budgets and the downsizing of staff create an impossible environment to create excellent timely product in. We understand that and have the means and ability to provide you with the solutions that will fill your needs.

:: Best people, best tools ::

Potrero Post's strength lies in our ability to harness the creative power of our dedicated, experienced professionals, equipped with the best tools and support systems available. We focus all our energy on our primary mission, to listen to you, the client, and understand how we should serve you and help you convey your story.

It's all about being a partner in the creative process.
It's about helping you control the costs.
It's about years of experience honing a craft.
And it's about being able to deliver a world-class product on time, in budget, on target.

:: Services ::

Voiceover recording
Audio editing
Sound Design (Full music and design library)
Cleaning and sweetening
Mix-down (Surround and Stereo)
Full music production

We can do it all. We can do it in your budget. We can do it anywhere in the World, wherever you or your clients are.

Why pay more when you can have the same service for a much lower price? Our unique combination of extraordinary engineers and cutting edge technology can make it happen.

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